sâmbătă, 11 septembrie 2010

Home fortress

Today I sat at home ate and slept all day...I'm such a slacker lol.
You guys remember this? Such a fun story.
                                                                 And a close-up

vineri, 10 septembrie 2010

Ummm...Yeah well that's it

So I can't think of anything funny nor clever to write and to top it I didn't do jack shit today so to not dissapoint you guys I'm just going to dump some images/comics/whatever I think it's funny.
So yeah I'm bored, sorry to...make you bored too(that makes no fucking sense)...meh have a nice day!

joi, 9 septembrie 2010

Stoned day LOL

Hell of a day today was! Pretty much shure I have seen this when I got the munchies. Hope you had a grat day too.

Ok and the reason I'm posting so early is that probably I can't post tomorow, still gonna be supporting tough.

miercuri, 8 septembrie 2010

Today is going to be another GOOD day

Ok so hello! While yesterday's plans wen't amazingly good, today I'm not feeling so adventurous and have some spare cash so this comic pretty much covers what I'll do later.

So yeah...see you tomorow :)

marți, 7 septembrie 2010

Ok so ?I got big plans for today and I'm gonna describe them all in 2 immensely cool wallpapers. Here it goes

Also today I finally fully understood one of the best stories in my childhood.
Have a great day!

luni, 6 septembrie 2010

My country's history

Thought you may like to know it in 3 simple comics. It's unbealivable how true it is:

So yeah have a jolly good day.

Late little post

Sorry for posting so late today but since I'm prety ill and had some time for myself i kindoff felt like in this little comic:

Anyway in the time spent on the computer I found this great piece of info.You may find it helpfull or not.Anyway here it is: